Real Estate and Business Operations (REBO) How to Submit to REBO

How to Submit a Request to REBO

First review the following Workday Reference Guides:

  1. Create Supplier Request
  2. Contract Request

STEP 1: Verify that the counterparty (the Supplier or Customer) is in Workday.

  1. Check for the counterparty by doing a “Find Customers” or “Find Suppliers” report in Workday.
  2. If the counterparty is not in Workday, you will need to request it be entered:
    1. For Suppliers: Complete a Create Supplier Request process in Workday to request that a Supplier be added to Workday, or
    2. For Customers: Contact the Service Desk in General Accounting to request the creation of a Customer.
      Note: For more information on the Create Supplier Request and create Customer request processes see the Workday guides linked above.The above steps must be done by an employee with one of the following Workday Security Roles:

      1. Accounts Payable Data Entry Specialist
      2. Buyer
      3. Departmental Buyer
      4. Campus Buyer
      5. Supplier Contract Specialist
    3. Once the counterparty is in Workday, you are ready to proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Fill out the required form(s).

  1. For all contract requests, you must include a fully completed Contract Request Form.  This is a new form that will be used by both Purchasing Services and REBO and will replace prior forms of submittal coversheets. You will need to save the form FIRST before completing it in order to save your work.
    Note: Please go to this link each time you need this form rather than using the same copy again. We anticipate that we will modify the form in response to what we learn as Workday is rolled out, so any form you download will likely be outdated quickly.
  2. The other required forms to submit a contract to REBO can be found on REBO Required Documents.
  3. If you are asking REBO to draft a contract document from scratch, please complete a Working Term Sheet.

STEP 3: Complete the Contract Request process in Workday.

  • You will be required to upload your Contract Request Form.
  • You will also be required to upload the contract you are asking to be reviewed.
  • If you are asking REBO to draft a contract document from scratch, upload your Working Term Sheet where it says “Attach a copy of the contract (Required)”.

Please expect that this guidance will evolve as Workday rolls out.  We will distribute more guidance as it becomes available. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Workday Service Desk.

For an overview, this diagram illustrates the contracting process in Workday.