Real Estate and Business Operations (REBO) Delegation of Contractual Authority

Delegated Contractual Authority

  • Real Estate and Business Operations (REBO) manages the process for granting delegated contractual authority to WSU employees:
    • The executive-level officer, such as the dean or vice president,  of the requesting unit must fill out the Memorandum of Request Regarding Delegation of Contractual Authority and forward it to
    • The employee for which delegated authority is being requested must complete the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) mandated Procurement Training available on the HRS website.
    • The employee for which delegated authority is being requested must complete Contracts Training through REBO.
    • REBO will draft the delegation letter in conjunction with other university stakeholders, and route it for review and approval.
    • Once a final determination has been made on the request for delegated authority, REBO will communicate that decision and any associated documentation to the requesting department, and the affected employee.
  • Contractual Delegation is a specific authority given to some WSU employees via a letter of delegation signed by the president.
  • The delegation letter is explicit about what authority has been granted.  If the delegation does not grant authority in a specific area (i.e. interagency agreements), the delegate does not have the authority to sign those agreements.
  • Only those individuals who have been granted a delegation of contractual authority may sign contracts on behalf of the University.
  • See BPPM 10.10 for policy guidance.
  • Current Contract Delegation Table